13 August 2017

Sell Online Google+ Group

I started this group, Sell Online,  a few months ago. It is a group for anyone selling online and would like to share ideas, tips and experiences. Use this group to also promote your online shop, products or services. Better still share your sale or discount code and improve your sales.

You are welcome to join this group and contribute to its success.

Update on membership: Now totalling 58

30 July 2017

MultiChannel Marketing

Here is a solution if you are selling on multiple channels like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy etc. You can now list the same items on multiple online marketplace with minimum effort and time. 

Shoplo is the new software that enables you to monitor and update your inventory when selling the same products on different websites. If you are only starting out now, then you can opt for the free account that allows you up to 20 sales a month free of charge.

Let me know if this website has been helpful in saving you time and effort by posting your comment here.