05 May 2018

Sell your resources online

I have lately found another source of income from all my teaching resources that I have created over the years. All I had to do was update some of the contents to suit present day Maths and Science curriculum. I have started selling on TES. I am getting a steady income of £20 -£30 every 2 or 3 weeks with no effort at all - truly passive income.

There quite a few websites where teachers and tutors can sell their resources. Another popular website is TeachersPayTeachers. The problem I have with this website is it an American website catering for US teachers and schools. I did see UK teachers selling on this website but the listing form is more relevant for the US.

If you are a teacher or tutor then here is an opportunity to sell your teaching resources. Start building your presence on TES or TPT and make extra passive income.

Best of luck


18 March 2018

A good way to make money through affiliate marketing

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13 August 2017

Sell Online Google+ Group

I started this group, Sell Online,  a few months ago. It is a group for anyone selling online and would like to share ideas, tips and experiences. Use this group to also promote your online shop, products or services. Better still share your sale or discount code and improve your sales.

You are welcome to join this group and contribute to its success.

Update on membership: Now totalling 58